With over 25 years in the market and international presence in Comtex have worked every day to forge a name in the highly competitive fashion industry. Our only goal is to continue to strengthen the identity of our clients to us.

1984 – Comtex is created as a small company dedicated to designing clothes in Tijuana Baja California, set the standard with a fresh and innovative; gaining acceptance in the local market.

90’s – The company begins to expand across the country, its main brands are clearly identified in the market and begin to position as market leader.

2006 – Taking advantage of proximity to the U.S. market, Comtex venturing into the international market by introducing the brand White Owl in the United States and with the opening of its first office located in San Diego California. Having an almost instant success.

2008 – The White Owl brand is consolidated in American consumer tastes. And it opens the doors to the Latino market.

2010 – Comtex has offices in Mexico, United States and Latin America and has 4 brands: White Owl, Peace & Glory, Palm Beach and Polo Club.

Comtex currently has a department in design and trend research, manufacturing plants and a distribution center and logistics that together form an excellent team. With the single goal of achieving excellence in customer taste as well as meet the needs and standards that our customers wear.

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